Panasonic EW-BU04W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Rating: ★★★★½

The Panasonic EW-BU04W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is good for those who want a blood pressure monitor with a gigantic LCD display, an easy one touch operation, and a couple extra features to ensure that accuracy is never a problem. Panasonic always uses a digital filter sensor to ensure that it only uses the pulse oscillation when taking readings, which is the most important factor in taking home blood pressure measurements.  This also eliminates all other noise factors that can mess with the reading as well.  Also, it can pick up whether your arm is moving too much prior to taking a reading.

Where To Buy?

I recommend (check current low price) because you can save a little over 30% and have it shipped to you for free.  It’s hard to find models like this one in your local stores or pharmacies.  Also, you still get the great support from Panasonic, if you ever need it.

Large & Easy To Read LCD Display

This is a huge make or break feature for many blood pressure monitor users.  They need to be able to see their results clearly and be able to easily understand what they are seeing.  Other blood pressure monitors can keep you guessing what the results are with their confusing symbols, but you won’t get that with this model.

Stores Up To 90 Readings, Flashes When Blood Pressure Is Too High

Memory storage is an important feature of home blood pressure monitors, and 90 measurements is higher than normal.  You’ll be able to track and see the trend of how your blood pressure is doing.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a two user mode so that you easy keep your data separate from someone else’s.

Also, when your diastolic or systolic blood pressure is too high, you’ll be alerted on its large LCD screen.

Panasonic EW-BU04W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Key Features

  • Large LCD display, easy to understand and see what you’re reading
  • Uses Panasonic’s DFT technology to isolate the oscillation pulse
  • Stores 90 readings
  • Auto-inflates with one touch of a button
  • Detects irregular pulses
  • Detects excessive body movement before measurement
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Comes with a cuff position guide, to ensure you place it on your arm correctly
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries

User Reviews

On, there are over 45 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars, which is pretty good for basic blood pressure monitor.  Many people have bought it for the large LCD display and cuff wrap guide.  I highly encourage you to read some of their reviews by clicking here.


If you’re looking for an automatic blood pressure monitor that was specifically made to have a larger LCD that’s easy to use, then the Panasonic EW-BU04W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is one you should consider.

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