Citizen Ch-657 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Rating: ★★★★½

The Citizen CH-657 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a perfect option for those who want a simple blood pressure monitor that they can take anywhere with them.  This little guy packs a punch for its convenient size.  Wrist monitor often catch flack for how inaccurate they can be, but inaccuracy is largely to due to the user not staying steady or holding the monitor at heart level.  The Citizen CH-657 comes with a body movement detector to ensure that you’re staying still while it takes a clinically accurate reading for you.  It’ll also store 90 readings for you.

Where To Buy?

I recommend (check current discounted price), they have it for over 40% off and you can have it shipped to you for free.  It’s also going to be difficult to find this model in your local pharmacy or retail store because they have hardly any depth to their product selection.   Amazon has great customer service and they deliver quickly.

It’s Super Small

It can literally fit within the size of your hand. Its ultra slim design is only about 5/8’s of inch wide.  Most blood pressure monitors are huge and bulky, which makes it really awkward to take on a trip, or even bring it to work on a daily basis.  This can be a huge selling point for many people.

Reliable Accuracy

It uses the oscillometric method, which determines your blood pressure using your pulse, and is very common among all automatic home blood pressure monitors.  Because it’s a wrist blood pressure monitor, you’ll have to hold your wrist across your chest at heart level and not move. If you move too much, the monitor will alert you before it starts taking the reading, which is very important for accuracy.

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Citizen CH-657 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Key Features

  • Super slim, only 5/8 of inch wide
  • Records 90 readings
  • Averages last 3 readings
  • Detects excessive body movement
  • Has large LCD display
  • Large buttons for easyuse
  • Automatically powers off after not using it for a while
  • Comes with a compact hard storage case
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries, lasts for 400 readings
  • Instruction manual included


If you’re someone who needs a very small, super portable, reliable, and accurate blood pressure monitor, then the Citizen CH-657 Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is worth looking at.

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