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The Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is great for those who want a powerful, accurate, and easily portable blood pressure monitor.  Wrist blood pressure monitors have caught a ton of flack for not being more accurate than upper arm blood pressure monitors. This is largely due to not having your wrist at heart level when taking your blood pressure.  However, the Omron BP652 helps you eliminate these errors really well.  You’d want to buy this model because of its size, portability (take on trips and such), and accuracy.

Where To Buy?

I highly recommend that you buy it from Amazon.com (check current discounted price).  The reason for this is because Amazon has it for the cheapest (right now you can save nearly 40%), and you can get free shipping on it. I also couldn’t find it in your local stores likes Walgreens or Walmart.  Also, nearly 300 people have a left a review on Amazon, which means many, many more have bought there as well.

Here’s a video of it…

How Accurate Is The Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

Very accurate, a lot of people who have bought it have been very surprised by its accuracy for a wrist monitor.  The Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a Heart Guide Technology that ensures that your wrist is at heart level before it takes a reading.  This basically involves you holding your wrist across your chest, and you wait until it can take a proper reading.  This doesn’t take very long at all.

What’s also nice is that it includes Advanced Averaging, which gives you a much better idea of how your blood pressure has been trending over 8 weeks.

How Many Readings Does It Hold?

It holds a whopping 200 readings.  This is comparable to the upper end models of the upper arm blood pressure monitors that Omron has.  That’s a lot of readings, especially with its Two User mode feature that allows you to share the space with a significant other or spouse.  You cannot upload your own data with this model.  However, that shouldn’t be a problem considering how many readings you can store.  You can easily take this to your doctor with enough data to show them how your blood pressure has been doing.

How Big Is The Omron Cuff?

Since the Omron 7 Series UltraSilent is a wrist blood pressure monitor, it’s a lot easier for it to fit all wrists.  It has a cuff size of 5.25″ to 8.5″.  It’s very simple to wrap around your wrist and tighten it appropriately.

Key Features

  • Easily Portable
  • Much smaller than upper arm blood pressure monitors
  • Two user mode
  • Ensures you’re holding monitor at heart level before reading
  • Detects irregular heart beats
  • Advanced Averaging
  • Stores 200 measurements

What’s In The Box?

  • The Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Monitor
  • Storage case
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Instruction manual (that you can find here)


5 Year warranty, which is 3 years longer than the Omron BP629 Wrist Model.

User Reviews

On Amazon.com, nearly 300 users have given it an average rating of 4.3/5 stars, which is really good for a wrist monitor.  You can read a lot more of their reviews here.  Here are some re-written comments from some of the reviews.


“I brought this to my doctor’s office and it was remarkably close to the blood pressure monitor that they had in their office”

“What’s really useful are the different lights that indicate whether your wrist is level with your heart level.  I want to make sure I’m getting an accurate reading”

“I like the Omron BP652 7 Series because of how portable it is.  I can literally take this thing anywhere I want.  It’s super convenient and very accurate.”


“There’s a little bit of a learning curve on how to use it properly.  If you don’t learn then you’ll get inaccurate readings.  If you do, you’ll be in good shape.”

“Had some trouble dealing with Omron customer support about the specific unit that I had received.”


If you’re someone that need the portability and accuracy that the Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, then this monitor is for you.  Many people have reported how accurate and easy it is to use, so I have no problem recommending that you pick this model up for home use.

What are your thoughts?

Have you bought this model?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!

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