My name is Dan Thomas.  I’m a health enthusiast, professional product reviewer, and blogger that has a particular interest in high blood pressure.  High blood pressure does run in my family and I’m committed to stabilizing it as much as I can.  To be honest, it really isn’t that hard to do once you’ve educated yourself.  I’ll be putting all my thoughts on this blog about how you can do the same.

I also did notice that there weren’t many sites focused on blood pressure monitors.  The ones that did had hardly any information.  They also didn’t give me a good idea of which monitor was best for me.  That’s my goal with this website.

I also tell you where you can buy each blood pressure monitor for a discounted price.  I’ll provide you a link to a known and reputable retailer, and if you decide that you’d like to buy it, it puts a little extra change in my pocket.  However, you pay nothing extra.  It helps me keep producing good content to keep people like you informed.

How Can I Contact You?

Well, you can contact me via email, posting a comment on this site, or following me on Twitter.

Email: [email protected]

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